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Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Foundation. You will be taking an important step in helping communities in Africa who would not otherwise have necessary health care and infrastructure required for elevating them out of poverty. Our foundation was founded to continue the legacy of Abel Ogundokun Odeleye to whom community service was a calling. His life was about lifting people up and providing them with opportunities. His approach was through direct contact, hands-on experience and interaction. That is why our efforts are devoted to grassroot support, directly to the people whose needs are the greatest. With the support and assistance of the local government, community elders and religious leaders, AOOF touches the lives of the citizens of AFIJIO.

While most other organizations support the needs in larger cities or provides assistance through the governmental entities, AOOF is concentrating on the un-met needs in the smaller towns of a small corner of the world. While the world focuses on the eradication of communicable diseases like HIV AIDS and Malaria, AOOF’s focus in on equally deadly diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and many water-bourne illnesses. You can help us change the lives, attitudes and expectations of the AFIJIO people. Because our services are delivered through volunteers, your assistance goes directly to support the needs of these people. 100% of your contributions goes to support the services provided by AOOF.

  • Limited range of healthcare services
  • Limited access to healthcare services
  • External support concentrated in larger cities

  • Limited opportunity for higher education
  • Poverty

  • Ill-equipped hospitals
  • Ill-equipped schools
  • Limited access to clean waTer supply

  • Adult Health Screening
  • Children Preventive
  • General Health Supplemental

  • Tuition Scholarships
  • Room and Board Scholarships
  • Books and Supplies Scholarships

  • Hospital Facility Expansion
  • Bore Holes for Supplemental Water Supply
  • High School Science and Technology Curriculum

  • Transportation
  • Planners and Organizers
  • Hospitals and Local Govt

  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Educators
  • Religious Leaders
  • Community Leaders

  • Adult and Children Multivitamins
  • High Blood Pressure Measuring Kits
  • Diabetes Testing Kits

Fundraising Support 


  • Sponsor — $750 or more
  • Platinum — $375 to $749.99
  • Gold — $200 to $374.99
  • Silver — $75 to $199.99
  • Bronze — $40 to $74.99